5 Ways To Keep Your Sneakers Fresh

February 18, 2020Clarissa

Figuring out how to keep your favorite kicks clean to maintain that out-of-box feel is a code that all sneakerheads are still trying to crack! We all want those Jordan 1’s we bought last month to bring us into the following year without jeopardizing the style and original color.

Let me tell you, it goes far beyond that toothbrush + soap method we used years ago. With sneakers coming in an array of distinct fabrics + finishes what may work for one will surely not work for the next. Don’t fret we got you covered on what products should be used to keep those kicks clean for years to come.

  1. Jason Markk

If you never heard of Jason Markk consider this your lucky day! This brand is known for supplying us sneakerheads with everything needed to keep our footwear clean. This Essential Kit is like a starter kit for those who care about sneaker maintenance. The kit comes equipped with its Standard Brush as well as the Premium Sneaker Solution which is 98% natural.

This kit is specifically for our suede and nubuck sneakers. The main purpose is to extract all types of stains from suede/nubuck fabrics and reviving the texture to some matted areas. So don’t frown at those dirt specks on those Air Max’s, The Care Guys got the remedy!

O Man I know how devesting it can be when you spill something on a pair of knit sneakers. Considering that knit fabric is a lot more sensitive to stains, a spot has the ability to taunt you whenever you look at it. X Sneaker Cleaner is ideal for your knit sneakers due to the formula used in its composition is 99% natural. With Knit sneakers it is not recommended to use a brush to get a stain* out. A brush has the potential to pull on the fabric and causing damage, so let’s just stick with a microfiber rag!

After we put in so much work to clean our prized possesions there would have to be a way to keep them clean until the next wipe over, right? Angelus Water & Stain Repellant is a lightweight and invisible spray that is designed to keep those watermarks and dirt stains to a bare minimum. This does not mean it is okay to submerge those AF1’s into a puddle, but what it does mean that you don’t have to trip about those minor stains anymore.

Keeping our kicks clean goes far beyond eliminating the stains and scuffs on the exterior. Let’s talk about how to keep our sneakers smelling fresh over time. These Charcoal Bamboo Air Bags are an eco-friendly way of eliminating odors not only in your sneakers but in any place that holds moisture. Don’t worry about having to replenish these babies, the charcoal component recharges by being out in the sun for 2 hours.

With these 5 items keeping your sneakers and footwear should a breeze! How do you keep your kicks clean, let us know in the comments!

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