Reflexology Goes Deeper Than a Foot Massage

March 3, 2020Clarissa

We know you’ve been hearing the word Reflexology thrown around within the wellness industry, and we’re here to tell you it’s not one of those trendy practices that just came about. If you don’t know what the technique is, no worries we got you covered!

Reflexology is an ancient medical practice that involves applying pressure on specific points on the feet( or hands), the concept behind it is that certain areas of the foot directly correspond to organs and systems of the body. When pressure is applied to the foot it is believed to bring relaxation and healing to the area it coincides with. 

Think of it this way, if you’re having an issue with the joints in your knees there is a certain location on your foot that will target that joint pain directly. This is also known as Zone Therapy and in order for you to fully understand and master reflexology, you must understand this concept first. Sounds like magic right, nope just science!

 I know there are some skeptical people out there wondering how this differs from a normal foot massage. Massage therapist are trained to work through areas of soft tissue. Someone can go to a massage parlor and receive a full body treatment, nonetheless if that same person goes to a reflexologist only one area will be manipulated.

Let’s be clear, this technique does not cure diseases. Instead, it is used to help bring the person back into balance so that the body can naturally nurture and repair itself. 

There are distinct cases where reflexology is not recommended. People who have any type of foot fractures, gout or those who experience vascular disease of legs or foot.  Pregnant women, people who have blood clotting issues and anyone with open wounds on the feet should not partake. 

If you don’t fit into any of those categories, then I highly recommend you give it a try!

We see a few reflexology appointments in our near future, what about you guys? Let us know, how do you feel about this treatment?

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