Let’s Talk Women Sneaker Designers

March 20, 2020Clarissa

As you know we’re knee-deep into Women’s History Month and so much has occurred within the past few weeks. Through it all, we would still like to highlight a few women who have taken the sneaker + streetwear game for women to the next level and designed a few things. A few names you may know the others may be new to you. Either way

Aleali May

Liz Beecroft

We would like to think of Liz as a superhero. I mean how else would describe a woman who advocates so hard for mental health awareness? Her claim to sneaker design fame came when she designed a limited-edition Nike Air Max 270 labeled “In My Feels” for the Nike By You Workshop!

Lola Plaku

If you ever wondered what it looks like to be multi-talented within the entertainment industry then look at Lola’s blueprint! She is responsible for promoting and marketing some of our favorite entertainers along with finding her own creative agencyLola Media Group. Her collaboration with Puma birthed the Nova GRL PWR sneaker, a bright colors sneaker meant for the lady who means business.



Now we’re highlighting some women who know a thing or two about recreating some of our favorite sneaker silhouettes through custom-made eyes! This lady takes custom streetwear to the next level and we’re here to appreciate it!

Amara Davina

This young lady had the pleasure of being part of the Nike By You class among some other creatives on this list to re-create a sneaker we know and love. The Nike React Element 55 ‘Isle of Spice’ is vibrant with a bold color palette.

Anna Lin

Anna had the opportunity to customize a pair of Nike AirMax200 and named them “Ascend Above”. The shoe was meant to represent the importance of self-love and seeing yourself in a positive image.

Ray B

Ray is a community activist who derives from Cincinnati, Oh. The influence behind her AirMax 1 “ Neighborhood Rose” sneaker is all about staying grounded while being motivated to work through adversity.

Melody Ehsani

Last but not least we wanted to highlight Melody on this list. She has broken ground within the streetwear industry for women for a while, however, it wasn’t until recently that she stepped into the world of sneaker design. With her latest drop being a collaboration with the Women’s Air Jordan OG this design is meant to signify abundance and feminity.

There are many women that continue to contribute to this industry and we would love to hear who are some of your favorites. XOXO- HERCOLLECTIVE SOLE

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