Can You Figure Out What Your Wellness Type Is?

August 11, 2020Clarissa

Sneaker Wellness is a term that we built our brand on and it is a term that will continue to ring off in your head going forward. This is an area we are dedicated to making sure the world understands its importance.

As we continue on with our education it is only right that we provide you with a few guides to help you better understand where you fall on your sneaker wellness journey. This specific guide is meant to help you classify which “spirit animal” you best reflect with when the worlds of exercise + sneakers combine!

The Off-Duty Yogi

We can all spot that yogi friend a mile away. They always have on a chic sportswear set to match every sneaker they have and no matter the weather this is their attire. The off-duty yogi is more focused on functionality than fashion yet somehow is always fashion-forward. If you’re looking for what brand of athleisure to wear with your new running sneakers this yogi has you covered.

The Hip-Hopper

The Hip-Hopper is the incognito wellness expert/enthusiast. By looking at her you will not be able to tell if she’s giving you street style or workout class cause she blends the two very well. The Hip Hopper does not have a gym membership yet relies on the art of dance as her way of staying active and fit. This is the one who takes Zumba on Monday, and maybe a twerk class on Thursday. She loves to be comfortable in any occasion, just in case a situation calls for her to buss a few moves! There are so many ways to get your cardio in for the week still the Hip Hopper will always choose dance.

The Innovator

The innovator is the person who is light years ahead of the trends within the wellness space. While we’re rubbing cannabis oil on our joints or drinking our kombucha ‘the innovator’ is somewhere trying to figure out how to stretch eat and read all while burning those calories. This wellness spirit is always one of the first to try that insane workout class where you end up suspended in the air on silks or pilates reformer class where your body ends up feeling like noodles after. The good thing about the innovator she is she understands how important it is to combine* fun ad exercise.

Sneaker Boss Queen

The Sneaker Boss Queen is the lady with an insane sneaker collection! She has an array assortment of designer sneakers and sportswear sneakers. Her collection is so vast that you may even see her working out with a pair of Jordan 1s on. We know, we know that is ludicrous; creasing those beloved sneakers that the footwear Gods gave us from the SNKRS app is frowned upon. This queen does not care, she has more than enough shoes to around. She is all about comfort and fashion while she hits those burpees!

The Supportive Partner

Last, but not least The Supportive Partner is the one who will accompany you during any sport. They’re not really about the wellness and workout life nonetheless they are down for an adventure. This is the person that will jog with you when you need it or try that ginger + turmeric shot so you won’t have to do it alone. Although this person does not have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening within wellness you can bet your bottom dollar they will try everything at least once with you.

I’m sure so many of us connect with one or more of these personality traits or know someone who these resonates with.

Which one are you? We would love to know!! Drop your comment below!

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