HCS Introduces A “Sneaker Wellness Workshop Market”

July 7, 2020Jenay Smith

YES! Your probally looking at this title with great confusion and looking for some understanding. We know!

Here at HER Collective Sole we created a marketplace unique to our brand for Sneakers and street wear to meet wellness. Have you ever walked in a room and felt like you wanted a place to shop comfortable, like minded, and with your self in mind. Well here is the start to that and this is for you. Our Main mission when creating a unique shop like this was to open the eyes to our industry we created called “Sneaker Wellness”.

When your at work, home, out or even just shopping in the mall you may get that feeling of tiredness, back aches, foot pain, knee pain and more. We realized that we wanted people to have more educational resources in a lifestlye environment.

We hope you enjoy this unique yet needed marketplace experience as we introduce the market at our “Women of Color Wellness” virtual conference taking place August 23rd – August 25th.

Day 1- Confrence day & Market Day

Day 2- Conference Day & Market Day

Day 3- Market Day Only

The vision for this marketplace growth is for brands and businesses in the areas of healthcare technology, healthcare educators, podiatrists, streetwear brands, sustainable brands, footwear designers, custom sneaker designers, beauty brands, men skincare brands, mental health, and more to have a market for their brands to thrive. Sneaker Wellness is here and making its mark! Now let’s get ready to SHOP! (Click here to get your ticket now)

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