How To Cure Those Pedicure Blues At Home

April 14, 2020Clarissa

We are knee-deep into being quarantine and that means most of us have started being self-sufficient with a few things. We’ve brought the gyms into our living rooms and the hair salons into our bathroom now its time that we talk nail care.

A lot of women are going through a pedicure withdrawal, don’t fret we got you covered. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to maintain your foot-care regime under these circumstances. With some time(which we all have) combined with patience, you’re destined to be pedicure-wize after all of this!

Step 1: Remove Excess Nail Polish

Okay, this may be an obvious first step but we still have to remind some to make sure all nail polish is removed. Even if you don’t have any nail polish on your nails, you may have excess oil on the nail bed and the nail polish remover will rid of it all.

Step 2: Soak Your Feet

If you don’t have a foot bath then fill your tub with warm water, some Epsom salt and if you really want to fancy a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Let your feet sit there for 15min. Feel free to use this time to relax, meditate and reflect.

Step 3: Say Bye-Bye To Dead Skin

This is my favorite part! Time to get rid of all that dead (sometimes calloused) skin from the bottom of your foot. Executing this is may require a callus removing gel- just to ensure all of that dead skin is abolished. Be cautious to not get overzealous with the filling aspect, you don’t want the risk of causing any form of irritation.

Step 4: File, File, Shape Shape

This where you create the personality of your toes! If your toes need trimming this is when you would use a tie nail clipper and cut them to a comfortable length- always remember to cut them straight across. Use that nail file to buff those hard to get corners and shape the nail. Cutting the cuticle is optional.

Step 5: Moisturize

This step is self-explanatory. This is the only way to keep your feet hydrated and smooth!

Step 6: Nail Polish Prep

These following steps are optional. But if you will be applying polish the next thing you’ll need is a toe separator. If you don’t have one feel free to improvise and use tissue in between the toes.

Step 7: Apply The Polish

Use a base coat of polish prior to applying a color polish. Once that dries and it’s time to apply some color be sure to use two-three thin coats of polish.

Step 8: Top Coat

Go with a quick-drying topcoat to finish it off those newly painted nails.

You’re all set! This may sound like a lot to a first-timer nonetheless after the second or third time around you’ll be a pro!

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